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Morning Worship
 @11:00 AM
Evening Worship
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Worship Service
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The youth of today is under much pressure and temptation to neglect the things of God. The youth ministry at Faith Baptist Church does not simply strive to entertain (although we do have a lot of fun); we utilize many tools to equip, encourage, and empower teenagers to live for eternal impact and rewards. Although our main goal is to share the gospel with teenagers so they can trust Jesus as their personal Savior, we want to also teach them to live a holy  life that honors and glorifies God.

 Sunday School

 Our Sunday School classes focus on teaching God's Word in a very practical way. We have gone through studies such as sharing the gospel with others and Biblical self-discipline. Our current series is on the people listed in Hebrews 11 and is entitled Features of Faith. We believe the Bible is the only thing that is guaranteed to have a lasting impact on the hearts and lives of our teenagers and attempt to focus on Its teaching.

 Youth Activities

 Our youth activities focus on fellowship, service, and  fun (not necessarily in that order). We have a great list of activities planned which you can find on our church calendar.  These activities  provide teenagers with appropriate entertainment and opportunities to serve our church and its surrounding community. Most of our activities are on Friday nights and provide a safe environment to enjoy spending time with each other.

Camp and Conferences

 Every year we attend a summer camp that has great gospel preaching, fun activities, and internet-free location. It is a great opportunity to set aside our cell phones and spend time with God. We also attend several youth conferences throughout the year that help strengthen our faith and refresh our spirits.


 The last challenge that Jesus gave to His disciples before He ascended to heaven was to go and preach the gospel; we believe that this is the most important task of the believer and is something that we can and should begin in our youth. We have weekly visitation times specifically for our teenagers as well as our annual Metro East Teen Powerhouse event that focuses on presenting the gospel to the youth in our area.


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