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Police Chaplains

At this very moment somewhere in this country a Police Chaplain is on the scene of some crisis involving a law enforcement officer or citizen.  Response in a crisis is the calling of the Police Chaplain.

  • When an officer is injured, ill or killed
  • To problem officers or officers with a problem
  • To the family of department members
  • Death notifications and hostage negotiation
  • Prayers at ceremonies, awards and review boards

The stress of constant critical incidence takes its toll and the Law Enforcement Officer can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) unless properly dealt with.

Law and Grace Debriefing Program

This debrief is offered to police and emergency response teams. It includes:

  • Symptoms caused by Post Traumatic Stress
  • Causes of stress and solutions
  • How to handle memories and nightmares
  • Grieving stages, emotions and suffering
  • Anger, depression, fear and forgiveness
  • Love/marriage, the biblical family structure and parenting

Line of Duty Death Manual

There is nothing more devastating than a line-of-duty death except not being prepared for a lone-of-duty death.

The manual Law and Grace Ministries has prepared allows the Duty Commander to delegate this enormous responsibility to five appointed officers with a complete listing of duties and checklists to follow until everything, including follow-up, has been accomplished.

The manual has a capsulated easy to read flow chart that allows a sheriff or police chief to quickly organize and direct a department death procedure with efficiency and professionalism during this time of crisis.

It works in coordination with the Illinois Sheriff’s Association recommendations offering a total package including contacts with full honor and color-guard for funeral services as well as thorough follow-up information with “Concerns for Police Survivors” (C.O.P.S.).

Blue and White Sundays

Blue and White Sunday is a Sunday set aside to honor the law enforcement officers of your community and can include Firefighters and all other Emergency Response Personnel. It allows your church and community to show their appreciation to those men and women who risk their lives each day to protect and serve you.

We have B&W materials available to help the pastor host and honor officers as well as to provide a special speaker, if desired. Please go to our Contact Us page to check for availability or request assistance of any kind. We can help you “do it right.”

Law & Grace Chaplains Corrections Training

This training not only allows the chaplain to be more aware of the workings of the facility he is going into, but will prepare him to be more effective as he better understands the stresses of the Correctional Officer as he ministers to both him and the inmate.
Law and Grace Corrections Training includes:
  • Criminals and General Inmates
  • Safety and Security
  • Do’s and Don’ts and Jail Standards
  • Inmate Rights and Legal Liability
  • Jail/Prison Privileges and Services
  • Visitation and Jail Standards
  • Classification and Assignment
  • Documentation and Report Writing
  • Counseling and Behavior Studies
  • Counseling, Confidentiality and the Law
  • Death Notification and Other Duties

In Pursuit Ministries is willing to provide training for our chaplains.

L&GM Chaplain Corrections Training is only for chaplains going into a correctional facility and not for use or distribution for any other purpose. © 2004

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